Shinkido Co., Ltd.

Since our company was founded in 1948, we have been working with the philosophy of "making people happy with sweets."
We use delicious, safe and secure chestnuts carefully selected from our hometown, Nakatsugawa City, Gifu Prefecture, and all over Japan.
We continue to provide sweets to Japan and countries around the world.

Disposal of chestnut skin and dilemma for the future

The amount of chestnut raw material used each year ranges from 150 tons to 230 tons.
Approximately 30 tons of chestnut skin is disposed of as industrial waste.

However, when I thought about our corporate philosophy of ``Making people happy with sweets,''
Can we leave happiness to our future children? I started to have doubts.

Contributing to SDGs through “zero waste”

Therefore, we decided to carry out ``three reuses'' and take on the challenge of ``zero waste.''
We aim to reuse 100% chestnut skin in total through ``three reuses.''


Chestnut skin is processed into fine powder and reused in confectionery manufacturing and secondary processed products.


Sales and distribution to agricultural corporations and reuse in fields through our own farms and the Shinkido Foundation


Reuse as "chestnut polyphenol" extracted from chestnut skin using special technology to be added to beauty care products

The new brand ``CHETNA'' was born as a result of our serious efforts to achieve the SDGs, which aims to reuse chestnut skins in the above areas and achieve a total of 100% reuse.

We hope that our customers can continue to use our products with peace of mind.
We will continue to take chestnuts seriously as we look toward the future.