botanical beauty


Even in busy days,
Cherish your connection with nature.

Chestnut skin brings
Gentle yet deep care.

CHETNA's daily routine
Transform it into an earth-friendly beauty moment.

While feeling the blessings of nature,
Both for yourself and the planet.

Moisturize and nourish you and the earth.

Giving back to the earth through beauty


Our aim is to
Contributing to harmony with nature and a sustainable global environment.

Creating a future that coexists with nature through environmentally friendly products,
We will give back to the earth through beauty.

An eco-beauty story born from chestnut skin


The Shinkido Group is a chestnut producing region,
It started as a chestnut confectionery shop in Nakatsugawa City, Gifu Prefecture.
With a history of continuing to appreciate materials for over 75 years since our founding,
We have developed this shampoo -CHETNA-.

High-quality polyphenols extracted from chestnut skin are
Brings natural comfort to your hair.
A beauty routine by CHETNA made with all the blessings of nature.
Beautifully coloring you and the earth.